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 Abe Returns To APC, Seeks Support For Tinubu

The Rivers State Governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party in the 2023 election, Senator Magnus Abe, has formally announced his return to the All Progressives Congress.

Abe dumped the APC for the SDP ahead of the 2023 election where he secured the party’s ticket to contest the governorship election.

But while speaking to newsmen shortly after a meeting with stakeholders in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, he said he has dumped the SDP for his former party.

He explained that his decision is to join other ‘well-meaning Nigerians’ to support the President Bola Tinubu-led administration, and to ensure that Rivers people benefit from the development at the centre.

He stated, “The new year offers a lot of opportunities and hopes for all Nigerians and indeed all Rivers people. My message has been consistent that we all need to come together; work together to be able to harvest these expectations for our people.

“So basically I called my people here today to intimidate them of some of the ongoing issues and also to let them know that we are returning to the All Progressives Congress to join other well-meaning Nigerians to support the government of President Bola Tinubu. And to do our own best to also make sure that Rivers people are able to be part of the development at the centre and to also carry the state along in what we are doing.”

Abe added that he and his team members were not back to the party because of any individual.

“We are in the APC because we are founding members of this party and we are grassroots supporters of the President. It is proper that we are in the party to continue to give that full support to the President’s developmental agenda,” he explained.

Asked how he intends to work with those he allegedly fell out with when he dumped the APC to pursue his governorship ambition, Abe said he was ready to work with others to ensure prosperity for Rivers people.

He added, “My coming to the APC is to work together with other members of the party to ensure growth, inclusion, prosperity and progress for Rivers State and Rivers people.

“If we all have the same mind, we will be party to achieving that. So, I think that this is a new year and everybody who wants the APC to move forward in Rivers State need to realise that the APC cannot be a personal estate of anybody.

“We are all very strong characters. There is none of those people, myself, Rotimi Amaechi, Nyesom Wike and Tony Okocha that is a walk over. But you will also agree that if all of us must come together, there should not be any other force in Rivers State that can stop us.

“So, I believe that if we can find a common ground which we have all found in the APC definitely there is a space for everybody.”

Meanwhile, the State APC Caretaker Committee Chairman, Chief Tony Okocha, said Abe is welcomed to the party, describing him as a founding member of the party.

Okocha said this while answering questions from newsmen shortly after he visited the New Generation Vision Orphanage in Elelenwo, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area and the Home for the Elderly in Port Harcourt, where he distributed items, including bags of rice, cartons of noodles, toiletries and cash donations.

He said, “In politics, it is the more, the merrier. I listened to one of his (Abe’s) conversations on air that he intends to return to the APC. We can’t stop him.

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APC United Kingdom
The commendable role of FIRS in the student loan schemeby Arabinrin Aderonke Ogunleye-Bello.Under the capable leadership of Zacch Adedeji, the Executive Chairman of Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, the agency has committed to supporting the transformative Student Loan Scheme, an initiative that aligns with President Tinubu’s Renewed Hope agenda. Adedeji’s foresight and dedication are important in mobilizing resources efficiently, thus playing a role in revamping the economy and supporting the empowerment of youth in this regard. His leadership ensures that the vision of a prosperous Nigeria becomes a reality.In a move to address the longstanding issues of inadequate funding and recurrent strikes in federal universities, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu signed the Students’ Loan Bill into law. The legislation promises to provide interest-free loans to financially disadvantaged Nigerian students, ensuring they can complete their education in government-owned higher institutions without financial hindrances.At the heart of the Student Loan Bill lies the collaborative effort of government agencies like the Federal Inland Revenue Service (@FIRSNigeria). This agency commits 1% of its collected taxes to the General Reserve Fund, forming a reliable financial foundation for the initiative. This allocation ensures a consistent flow of funds for student loans and educational programs, directly bolstering students’ access to higher education and nurturing socio-economic growth. The education tax is 3% of a company’s profit, which helps provide more funds for education, making sure that more students can benefit from programs like the Student Loan Scheme.The importance of this initiative can not be overstated. By extending interest-free loans to deserving students, particularly those from low-income homes, the Student Loan Bill shatters one of the most formidable barriers to higher education, which is financial constraints.With the implementation of the Student Loan Bill, a beacon of hope illuminates Nigeria’s educational system. Aspiring students from every corner of the nation gain access to financial support, empowering them to pursue their academic dreams and contribute meaningfully to the country’s progress. President Ahmed Tinubu’s vision to enhance education access through the Student Loan Bill marks a turning point for Nigeria’s future. By prioritizing investment in education, President Tinubu not only empowers individuals to unlock their full potential but also lays a good foundation for generations to thrive upon. As Nigerians rally behind this visionary leader, there emerges a renewed sense of hope and optimism permeating every facet of society.The enactment of the Student Loan Bill is not merely a legislative milestone; it is a testament to the unwavering commitment to building a brighter and more equitable future for all Nigerians. This heralds a transformative era, where education becomes the cornerstone of progress and prosperity, ensuring that no aspiring mind is left behind in the pursuit of knowledge and fulfillment. As the nation embarks on this journey towards educational empowerment, the echoes of President Tinubu’s visionary leadership resonate, inspiring a nation to aspire, achieve, and thrive.Arabinrin Aderonke ANIPR is an Award-Winning investigative journalist, 2016 finalist, CNN African Journalism Award. She currently serves as the technical assistant, broadcast media, at the Federal Inland Revenue Service, Abuja. She writes from Abuja.#RenewedHope See MoreSee Less
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APC United Kingdom
WATCH LIVE: MINISTERIAL BRIEFING. www.youtube.com/live/fYs0c6EEoiE?si=wSYGpwrIDHpwURZG #RenewedHope See MoreSee Less
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APC United Kingdom
Back in 2020, Ademola Lookman missed a crucial Panenka penalty in the 98th minute for Fulham…Four years later, the forward has become the first-ever player to score a hat-trick in a Europa League final and deliver Atalanta their first trophy in 61 years! What a story! 👑– AOJ#ProudlyNigeria See MoreSee Less
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APC United Kingdom
TOWING THE ZIMBABWE WAY: ENDING VICIOUS DOLLAR DEPENDENCYBy Ussiju Medaner(Published In The People’s Daily newspaper, Wednesday Column, 22nd, May 2024)As a country, we cannot borrow money or pay for foreign goods in our own currency, the naira; we are literally obligated to depend on the dollar, since all of our international trade elements are done in dollars. This much, it becomes mandatory that we continue to hold national reserves in dollars to ensure a steady supply of imports during a crisis and assure creditors that debt payments denominated in foreign currency can be made, as well as to run our everyday indigenous economy.Immediately after the end of the Second World War, the US dollar emerged as the world’s principal currency reserve and became globally recognised as the currency for international trade. This immediately and continuously led to the high global demand for the dollar and the dollar became a tool for diplomacy as well as neocolonialism control of the developing nations, majority of which are economically weak to oppose the subordination of their currency by the dominating dollar effect and the collapsing effects on their currencies. Nigeria is one of those nations.It all began when at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, forty-four countries agreed to the creation of IMF and the World Bank and the creation of a system of exchange rate that pegged the values of all other global currencies to the dollar, which itself was convertible to gold at the rate of $35 per ounce as at then. While the motive then was to provide stability and prevent what was popularly referred to as _“beggar-thy-neighbor”_ currency wars of the 1930s as a result of the Great Depression, when nations abandoned the gold standards and devalued their currencies to gain competitive advantages; today, the outcome and implication on the so-called developing nations has nothing to do with currency stability, but a tool of hegemonic economic control that perpetually subjugates our economic systems to the whims and caprice of the Western economy and totally outside our controls.For a very long time, the US dollar has, non-stop, usurped the role of Nigerian naira as an imposing authoritative medium of exchange for Forex, market transactions, savings and other elements of financial settlements. It has increasingly and viciously encroached on the performance of the naira, via saturated dollarisation. By extension, it also creates an unfavourable exchange rate volatility that has become the bane of our economic viability and emanates a casualty that would require a very bold policy decision to revert.By the continued, unfettered dependence on the dollar and engagement in financial settlement acts that undermines the naira; allowing dollar domiciliary accounts within our local banking environment, valuing and quoting our domestic and foreign debts in dollars, quoting and allowing payments for local transactions in dollars, paying certain contractors and government appointees in dollars, we literally set the ground for the abuse of the naira and as the fall guy currency.If we had been able to effect stringent monetary authority to keep dollarisation index low for the country, create an economy with a strong financial market to offer alternative financial instruments based upon our domestic currency, with a very strong restraint on the flow of dollars and/or any other foreign currency within our system, we would have evolved a strong and sustainable naira overtime. The question now is, is it too late to redeem the naira?It is a fact and a terrible reality of our economy that the United States currency, the dollar, has not only become an underground legal tender in Nigeria, but has also become the enigma and a nemesis of the naira. By accepting the dollar as the baseline for all our international trades and transactions, we subscribe to the fact that our economy is literally dependent on the economic stability – and otherwise – and decisions of the United States. That the United States can easily take subtle or direct decisions to undermine the strength of our currency and by extension control our capacity to organise our development. A case in point is the 2007-2008 financial meltdown which originated in the US and led to the swift US divestment in the Nigerian financial sector. The outcome partly, if not wholly was the sinking of five Nigerian banks as a result of the external shock.As expected, we have become limited by the direct influence of the dollar on the naira. Internally, we also face an unacceptable inequality occasioned by the haves and the have-nots of dollars. The country continues to grow the gulf between the rich and the poor based on access to dollars. The complexity of the challenge of the dollarisation of our economy has become so obvious in the last few years; notably when money mongers decided to play on the capacity of the dollar to hurt the naira to their advantage. We saw the value of naira collapsing at an alarming rate, and along with it, galloping inflation. We saw then and now the standard of living of the majority of Nigeria population that constitute the dollar have-nots crumbled, their purchasing power squeezed and weakened, as we welcome a dispensation of unannounced austerity.Since the emergence of the new Administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a number of monetary policies have been introduced, all in the bid, to reduce the strong influence of the dollar on naira, revert the falling of naira, and create a stabilised monetary standard for the country. We have seen monetary policy adjustments aimed at addressing speculative activities in the Forex market, increase withdrawal limit of the naira to offset demand pressure on the dollar, among several others, but the reality up till now has been that, all these interventions have only produce temporal succor for the naira and the national economy. We need some stringent policy decisions that are capable of belittling the power of the dollar, the same way it has over the decades hunted and hurt the Naira. Equally, there is a need to seek and offer other alternative root causes of the naira crisis in order to move to better and sustainable solutions.The immediate past administration of President Muhammadu Buhari had a thought along this line, and commenced the process of limiting the nation’s dependency on the dollar for international trade. Given that a sizable proportion of our trades is with China, settling trades in the China Yuan was established. As at the time I wrote this piece, a unit of Yuan was only #211.80, yet, we would prefer the dollar to remain an intermediate in all our businesses including with China.However, while the increasing use of Yuan would, to some extent, present a respite for Naira, it would still not be a permanent solution. It is time we think out of the box to present a permanent solution to the ever failing and falling strength of our currency. It is about time we end this currency subordination and free the naira to mobilise itself for stability and present to Nigeria and Nigerians, a stable monetary system, and by extension economic viability. We should learn from Zimbabwe: a developing nation that was forced to the wall by the suffocating dominance of the dollarised effect on the nation’s currency, and the continuous exerted control by the Western nations through the use of monetary control.Is it not time already to break away from the shackles of monetary imperialism and forge a part towards indigenous and economic freedom and sovereignty? Is it not time already we free our currency from being at the mercy of the dollar and the control whims of the owners of dollars? Is it not time we rescue the naira from all external shocks, inflationary pressure and non ending threats of sanctions? Is it not time we look critically at what is happening in Zimbabwe and commence a new era of currency power for our dear nation? If Zimbabwe can successfully free its currency and empower itself on the basis of its abundant solid minerals, Nigeria can equally unshackle itself.After suffering dastardly in the hands of Western powers that were altogether bent on frustrating the Zimbabwe for doing the right thing by taking back its lands from colonial occupiers, the post-colonisers kept launching sustained economic terrorism acts against the country, paralysing its currency and drove the nation’s inflation beyond control along monumental poverty; all because the country must have to compete unfavourably with the dollar.Branching away from dollar dependency, Zimbabwe has turned out a new currency backed by gold and other solid minerals, and for the first time in decades, the battered nation can now boast of a reliable means of exchange and a trustworthy store of value of its currency.It is about time Nigeria and indeed the entire African nations take a cue from Zimbabwe and abolish the use of the dollar in its current diminishing form. Let our continent flourish as we transact business amongst ourselves and the external global communities with confidence using currencies that are controllably, stable and sustainably on the support of our endowed resources. It is about time we end the imperialistic economic control of our continent and reclaim our economic sovereignty.While we do this, we must know it is not only an economic issue, but also a moral and patriotic requirement; that we owe it to our nation to set it free from the yokes that ground its economic development capacities.GOD BLESS THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA! See MoreSee Less
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15 hours ago

APC United Kingdom
♻️ My 🇳🇬Citizen’s CodeAs a patriotic Nigerian, I am committed to living by the citizen’s code, which encompasses integrity, patriotism, honesty, accountability, and serving as a good ambassador for Nigeria. Embracing integrity means making ethical choices and standing by them, even when difficult. My patriotism drives me to contribute positively to the nation’s growth and to promote its rich culture and values. Honesty is my guiding principle in all interactions, building trust and transparency. Accountability ensures that I take responsibility for my actions and their impacts on my community and country. As a proud ambassador for Nigeria, I strive to exemplify these values in all I do, showcasing the true spirit of our great nation to the world.#RenewedHope See MoreSee Less
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