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June 12 Honours Confirm President Muhammadu Buhari’s Democratic Tenets, Says APC UK

July 12, 2018

The conferment of national honours on certain Nigerians at the honours investiture held earlier today by President Muhammadu Buhari has confirmed that the People's President is truly a Democrat and father of the nation irrespective of the varying ethnic regions within the country.

The above was the position of the All Progressivess Congress (APC) in the United Kingdom while reacting to the decision of the President during the recent honours bestowed on the winners of the June 12 1993 Presidential election candidates, Late Chief MKO Abiola, GCFR, AlhajiBabanganaKingibe, GCON, and the late legal luminary, Chief GaniFawehinmi (GCON).

The party insisted that President Buhari’s decision to honour the past leaders was not to open up old wounds but basically to correct the wrongs of the past and appreciate the positives of June 12.

“The decision is a welcomed one and we in the United Kingdom cherish it. We are also confident that its acceptability across the country shows that the leadership is moving towards the right direction.

Quoting the President, “the decision to recognise and honour June 12 and its actors are in the national interest. It is aimed at settling national healing process and the reconciliation of the 25 year pestering wound caused by the annulment of the June 12 elections. I honestly invite all Nigerians across our national divide to accept it in good faith”.

“We urge all irrespective of party affiliations to jettison party lineage and form a common front to bring our country to its respective status.

“It is clear that President Buhari has the political will to take actions that will drive the country into the promise land, these are reasons why the oppositions have been sent to the oblivion. This is not the time to oppose but to join all and sundry to promote our country as it has just been done during the recent Morocco visit, the party added.

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